Learning Diary

Documenting my learning journey throughout the years.

  • Published

    2 Jun 2022



    • 14 Habits of Highly Productive Developers
      • Are you playing a finite or an infinite game?
      • Do it for your future self.
      • Even 10 minutes a day can make a difference.
      • A person who can program is powerful, a person who can program and knows how business works is unstoppable.
      • Everyone you know is fighting a battle you don't know. Be kind. Always.


    • New favorite albums:

      • [Obsidian] Northlane
      • [Chronicles II: Heaven] Void Of Vision
      • [Lost in the Waves] LANDMVRKS
      • [Kin] Whitechapel
    • Revisiting some albums:

      • [Alien] Northlane
      • [Polaris] TesseracT
      • [Februus] Uneven Structure
      • [Gravity] Caliban